Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's about time

So I've neglected my posting for several months now. What's going on?

Just started a new program to add some mass, improve my guns and get a respectable DL.

Will start posting workouts again tomorrow.

Did some rolling pattern work today, single leg bridging, and assisted pistols.

Supplement wise, I'm cycling with some creatine, glutamine (not sure about this one but a guy that knows his nutrition recommended it so I'll give it a try) and using some Tribulus. This is potent stuff, at 3 per day I'm feeling real manly. More so than usual.

Also doing a little walking and jogging. Though I've never considered myself a runner I did run XC in high school. But hearing a lot about the barefoot running trend and just read "Born to Run" by Chris McDougall has inspired me. Not going barefoot yet but running in my Sanuk Donnies which are a thin, flexible sole that forces me to run as if barefoot. Great book except for the section on our evolutionary development as distance runner and the stuff on vegetarianism.
Today was a 30 min walk with 3 hill sprints, maybe 20 yards each.

Trying to get to bed earlier also but not too successful with that.