Friday, February 12, 2010

New Links

Added a couple new links. Great content, be sure to check them out.

Newest update

Last week I had trouble getting anything to test well so I've mostly abandoned the 40 day concept and am just going with what feels right and tests well. Generally just having fun with it. Last week I had a day of nothing but BB MP and BB curls. I haven't done curls since my mullet days, with the exception of plate curls and gripbell curls. But intuition struck me and it tested well. Had another day that chest expanders tested well when nothing else would. I'm still sticking with general principles of a hip hinge movement, a squatting move, pressing and pulling. I test a couple of these first each time. I try to find two opposing moves if I can, such as goblet squat and chins the other day or conventional DL and BB MP yesterday. I go until they stop testing well or I feel I've had enough, whichever comes first. I then typically test a swing or snatch, perform 20-50 reps using the above principles. If I still can get a good testing response I throw in some fun stuff like bending or grip work. I must say this new strategy is very liberating. I train 4-5 days per week, sometimes continous.
Hopefully my Gym Movement DVD will arrive today, it's been over a week and a half now. Though I'm getting a grasp on this I still have a bunch of questions.