Thursday, August 20, 2009

day 5

Digestion improving and stomach expanding. Got in 3200 kcals today and felt the best yet. Actually getting hungry between meals.

training: variety day, warm up ASLR, toe touch, ankle mobility, bretzel

5 swings followed by 5 goblet squats x 5 x 24kg, pretty long rests between sets

a single BU press , 20kg on each side though couldn't control decent on Left.

ended with hip flexor stretching

New Chapter

My training and life has entered a new chapter. I am finally using a very organized approach to diet combined with training to see what kind of results I'll get. This should bring several rewards.
I've never been a big eater until now, consuming more calories should help me gain some muscle and with the current approach, lose some fat also.
For a year or two now I've suspected my ongoing battle with adrenal fatigue has been blood sugar related. This diet consists of eating on a very regular basis and using supplements to balance blood sugar.
I'm eating 7 meals per day and all but 1 are actual meals, not snacks. All calories are good whole food based products, not shakes, bars or anything processed. Just fruits, veggies, nuts, eggs, beef, fish, dairy and a couple grains. Diet goal is 4500 kcals but only able to get about 3200 kcal/day now, but stomach and appetite are growing each day. I figure by about 10 days in I'll be eating all my food.
Supplements are designed to promote digestion, sugar metabolism, connective tissue repair and testosterone production (No, not 'roids :) ).
The training is kettlebells. I'm doing the ROP workout from ETK ( Enter the Kettlebell) which is C&P ladders, swings and snatches and pullups. On variety days I'm practicing some windmills, TGU, BU pressing and to help with the mass gaining goals, 5 x 5 Swings/ Front Squats.
I took 'before' measurements and pictures, so when all is said and done I'll post results.
All training sessions start with FMS drills and joint mobility.
I'll be on this combo of diet and exercise for at least 6 wks and possibly 12.

any RKC reading this please feel free to chime in with thoughts on the training approach.