Thursday, December 6, 2007


It's been a while since I've posted. I've been doing DS II , 4 days a wk. The wed before turkey day was abbreviated to Set A only. Yesterday was the "day 2" program that includes snatches. I completed 50 reps with the 24kg in 10 mins and didn't get too winded. Did 5 reps, rested to the top of the minute. I've also been experimenting with hack squats. 25# is about all I can muster at this point. The leverage of this lift makes it quite challenging for me.
I got Z-health R-phase and started that. Similar to Intu-Flow but more precise.

Little pleasures- I had a slice of Ezekiel bread with french butter, natural PB, and Nutella . Boy was it good.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I didn't want to...

but I did it anyway. Finished work today at 7pm and as I was about to walk out the door I realized I hadn't done my training today. So I manned up and got to it. DS again, doing 10 min work sessions with 5 min rests. Today is the actual start of 4 wks on DS.
A1: High Pull ,24kg - 4/4, 4/4 , 4/4, 4/4 = 16/ 16 reps
A2: Split squat, 50# - 4/4, 4/4, 4/4, 4/4 = 16/ 16 reps

B1: Ring pullups, bw - 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 = 24 reps
B2: Double MP, 2 x 16kg - 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 = 24 reps

I plan on getting some pics tomorrow to chart my progress with my training program.

I just watched Batman - Dead End, this is a mini-film starring Clark Bartram as Batman, Clark was the model for Beyond Bodybuilding by Pavel. Pretty cool short.

I've been taking Calcium Lactate , cataplex A-C and cataplex F, this is the immune triad. Ionizable calcium in the blood creates a calcium wave which triggers phagocytes to attack bacteria. the F helps ionize the calcium and then C acts to boost the immune system. There are numerous medical studies which relate hypocalcemia to increased illness, yet since they can't sell you a calcium drug they don't see the relevance. This program and some Echinacea in the past has prevented me from getting sick. - side note, if your echinacea doesn't make your tongue tingle, it is lacking the active ingredient. I've been sick in Oct for the past few years. This year I have had the stress of working long hours getting into the new office, plus traveling to seminars and lastly camping out in 30 degree weather. Thus far my body has stayed strong in spite of all the stressors. I attribute it to the immune boosting triad.
Cataplex C is the whole C complex from whole food sources, not ascorbic acid. The ascorbic acid makes up less than 5% of the C complex. It's antioxidant properties are only to protect the actual components of the vitamin. It is not the vitamin itself. Below is a picture of the vitamin C molecule. It is the P , K and J factors which prevent scurvy. Ascorbic acid will not cure scurvy which is a vit. C deficiency.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Now that my schedule is getting back to normal and I have a gym set up at the office I am giving the Dreadfully Strong routine another go. I didn't stick with it that faithfully the first time. Today started out with an abbreviated version.
A1 - high pull 24kg , 3/3 x 4
A2 - split squat 50#, 3/3 x 4
this was done in EDT fashion alternating R A1 with R A2, then A1 L / A2 L for 7 min.
5 min rest
B1 - pullup bw +10#, 3 x 6
B2 - double MP , 16kg kb's , 3 x 5
again 7 min time period

Yesterday while my office manager was doing swings on a :15 on/ :45 off cycle I decided to follow along with pullups and chinups, alternating grips between sets. 5 reps the first 2 sets, 4 the next 3, a set of ring pushups, 3 reps the next 2 sets and another set of pushups.
Later did bottoms up C & P with 16kg, 2/2 x 2
I could feel all those pullups by the time I finished todays training

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'm in love with Col. Wilma Deering

I started watching some episodes of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century today. I had the biggest crush on Erin Gray. Now I remember why. She was smokin' hot, as were several of the ladies that made guest appearances. They just don't make women like that anymore.
On another note, I am amazed at how effective "the party" methods of training are. For those who don't know I'm referring to the information put out by Pavel and the folks associated with DragonDoor. I have done very little training recently yet I am still able to press double 24kg bells and do pistols with a 20# bell. And yesterday I decided to attempt to power clean a BB that was 135# (a lift I've never really tried with a BB). Actually a bit to my surprise I did it. The form wasn't the best and if I were to practice that lift I would use a much lower weight to become proficient. But it went up and I didn't hurt myself. So thank you Comrades Pavel and RKC instructors for your informative products and a superior training style. Imagine what would be possible if I was consistently consistent with my training.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fun fact

Growth Hormone, GH is a fat burning hormone which also stimulates muscle growth and supposedly has anti-aging properties. It's release is stimulated by short intense exercise , such as kettlebell training, and also by deep sleep. Several of you probably know this already. But what is new to me and maybe to you is that sugar, as little as is in 3 oz. of juice, consumed either before a workout or before bed can suppress the release of GH. This is sugar in any form, either the fructose in juice or the glucose in candy, sports drinks, etc, or lactose in milk. So if you want to get the most GH release then avoid carbs an hour before your training session and an hour before bed.

Today I played around with a little training, split squats, 50# (25 + 25) , 5/5 x 2, though the break was really long. Renegade row , 24kg kb x 5/5 , medicine ball slams , 12# ball.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Your Supplements are killing you

I just returned from a nutritional symposium this weekend which really changed the way I view nutrition. To illustrated just how monumental this was I'll use a couple examples. The year is 1490 and you and your sailor buddies are sitting in the pub enjoying some ales when someone says, "you really need to hear what this Chris fellow is saying, he claims he can sail around the world and not fall off the edge". Or it's 161o and you are going to your astronomy class and your classmate says "come to this off campus lecture, some Galileo fellow is teaching that the earth revolves around the sun". Are these bold statements, Yes! . Did they violate conventional wisdom, again, Yes. Were they correct and observe the physical laws which govern this planet, You bet.
Now you are probably wondering what I'm talking about. Well let me start by asking a question. What is the most important nutrient? The one we can't even live 10 mins without? Oxygen you say, well you are correct. So how does it make sense that an anti-oxidant promotes health. Antioxidants push oxygen out of the tissues causing your cells to suffocate. Free-radical pathology has never been demonstrated as a valid scientific theory. It got it's start out of X-ray radiation studies in the '60's. In fact, oxidation is the method by which our immune system destroys pathogens and cancer cells. Studies demonstrate that antioxidants reduce our ability to kill cancer cells. And here is the real kicker. A meta-analysis (a study of studies) published in JAMA, Feb. 2007 , comprised of 68 studies and over 200,000 participants showed that the groups that took antioxidants had an increase in "All-cause" mortality. For those in Rio Linda, this means that the ones taking supplements died sooner and more frequently from everything, heart disease, cancer, etc. Most of these studies were done by folks trying to prove the benefits of antioxidants. Anyone interested can contact me for a nice long list of double-blind, placebo controlled studies published in peer-reviewed journal.
The antioxidant protects the vitamin, it is NOT the vitamin. It's like going to the bank and thinking the guard or the alarm system is of value, not the money and gold locked in the vault.
I've believed for several years this idea that antioxidants only made a small portion of a vitamin but only now do I actually believe that large doses of fractionated nutrients can actually cause damage. I could go on and on about how most of this misinformation comes out of rat studies where ascorbic acid is actually vitamin C to a rat but that in humans ascorbic acid won't cure scurvy which is a C deficiency. Or about B1 not working without B4 to correct heart murmurs or nerve damage. Haven't heard about B4? that's because they can't synthesize it in a lab. I'll cut that short though because it would take up too much space.
So am I saying you don't need supplements? No, we all need them because they just aren't in food anymore and even if they were, we are exposed to increased levels of stress and toxins which deplete our bodies. What you do need is a supplement that is based on whole food concentrates that haven't been isolated and have been raised in nutrient rich soil and processed at low temps to preserve the nutrients and enzymes. One such company is Standard Process.
I am now convinced that 95% of the nutrition products and their advertising is pure junk and that almost no one knows what they are talking about when it comes to nutrition and diet. So whatever super miracle pill of the month you are taking is probably not only a waste of your money but it is potentially shortening your life and no matter how healthy you think you are eating you are probably mislead by some fancy marketing ploy. If you want to know about real nutrition read the works of Royal Lee or Francis Pottenger or Weston Price, or if you want something a little newer, but still the same old info that was discovered by the aforementioned folks, check out William Wolcott or Sally Fallon or Jordan Rubin.
Have I made some bold statements, yes. Has what I said follow the laws of physiology and biochemistry, yes. Has it been demonstrated in study after study, yes.
So do yourself a favor and throw out all your supplements, it might just save your life.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Today I played around with some drills. I am still able to complete a single pistol on each leg with a 20# kb.
Farmer's walk on toes with 24kg x 2, 60ft x 2
Floor Press with 2 - 24kg, 2 reps
Double KB clean, FS, PP x 1, double clean,FS, x1 , rest 2-4 min, x 6-7 sets , 24kg kb's

Update from weekend. I went to Nashvegas on wed to attend a chiropractic/dental symposium. I learned some new good stuff including some intra-oral cranial adjustments.
I also spent some time with the IronTamer himself. As I have mentioned before I can expect a new PR when I'm around David. I couldn't imagine what it might be this time as I haven't been training much the past couple months. But it never fails and he managed to shame me into the SSST. I have never tried this so just going 10 mins was an accomplishment. I ended up with 62 reps. I'm pleased with these numbers. It was not as scary as I had envisioned it but I don't know if I've ever worked that hard. My ribs and back were sore the next day from the heavy breathing. I didn't notice any hamstring/adductor soreness after this, not even the next couple days. I attribute this to the toe-touch exercises from Brett Jones. Apparently I have retrained the muscles to lengthen and relax.

Friday, October 12, 2007


No it's nothing vulgar or a reference to a Brad Pitt movie. I got a couple bells from IronWoody including a 25 lber. Decided to see how many snatches I could do in 5 mins. This will be a starting point as I am fairly unconditioned at this point.
97 reps
Switched hands every 10 reps.
I completed the 5 mins without setting the bell down which surprised me. But my pace was only 8- 10 reps per 30 sec with a little bell. It gives me a whole new appreciation for some of the numbers and paces that the others are putting up and posting. It also makes me realize that to pass the Rite of Passage I have to maintain that pace but do it for twice as long with twice the weight, but I'm happy with todays results. I guess I have a goal now. I will start by adding time, and reps per min, then increase the weight. Will probably do some additional swings and high pulls with heavier weight to help.
The office is nearing completion so I should have a little more time to get on a regular schedule and have a place to train soon enough.
BTW the woody bells perform nicely. Decent handle though a bit thin, very nice finish, easy on the hands but easy to hold onto. I also think I like the idea of all the bells having the same diameter as you can get into a groove with where it lands on the forearm. Though that was the last thing on my mind after a couple minutes into it.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Crazy Upper Body Strength - revised

I should probably clarify that the heading about upper body strength is attached to the video. It is a great demonstration of total body tension and control and much more than just upper body. But still impressive strength. Because after all, I think it is in PTTP, tension is strength.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Working on the office

Last friday I went bouldering at Cooper's. Since then I've been working on the new office. Hauling lumber, prep work, and today hanging drywall. We've gotten quite a bit done but still have a lot more to do. I've been spending my lunches and evenings there since I have some folks to help me but that doesn't leave much time or energy for training. So it might be on hold for a bit until I get stuff done. At least I'm getting some real-life physical activity.

7 mins of FlowFit this evening.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Today's training

brief warm-up and rolled out hammies with the intracell. They claim this will prevent soreness and speed recovery.
12 min sessions with a 5 min rest.
Had to share the power rack today so had to wait on some of my reps on pushups. This combined with the heavier weight on DL slowed things down just a bit
A1: DL 155# (20# increase) - 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 - 20 total reps. I reset after every rep; double overhand grip.
A2: Ring pushups, slow - 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 - 25 total reps
B1: KB Snatch 24kg - 3/3 x 7 , 1/1 -did R/L back to back then rest , repeat - 22 total reps. Now if I could just complete that without setting the bell down I'd be able to pass the RKC cert.

My pace on the snatches was better than last time, plus I went another 2 mins.
Slowly but surely making progress.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Dreadfully Strong continues

I haven't gotten a full week of training in since I started this program but I'm still making gains.
12 min sessions with a 5 min rest
A1: KB High Pulls with 24kg - 5/5 , 5/5 , 5/5 , 5/5 , 2/2 - Total 22/22 , this is a 2 rep per side increase since last week.
A2: Split Squat 55# bb - 4/4 , 4/4 , 4/4 , 4/4 , 2 right - total 18/16, a 2 rep gain on the right.

B1: Pull ups, bw + 10# - 4 , 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 3 - 24 reps, a 1 rep gain
B2: Double MP 30# db's - 5, 5, 4, 4, 4, 4, 3 - 29 reps. This is my best gain, 5 reps since last week

This is going to be the week I get a full 4 days of training in. I plan on doing FlowFit on my off days as active recovery.

I've been shopping for equipment for the new gym that will be at the new office. Remodeling starts next monday and hopefully opening date will be the first week of Oct.
I got a pair of 20kg composite plates to add to the existing barbell set. This brings the weight total up to about 320#'s , which I hope to be deadlifting within 6 months. Also picked up a set of Iron Woody stretch bands and shopping for a pull up bar. Some rubber mats and we will be set. My training partner is using his welding skills to construct a sled for us to start pulling. Now if we use all this equipment on a regular basis we will be some burly dudes.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Playing around

I've taken a few days off from training because I had a cold and felt like sleeping all the time. Today I played around with some 16kg bells to get ready for getting back on the program next week.
High pulls, :20 on/:20 rest, alternate right and left. 5 sets each arm. I was getting about 9 reps per set.
Practiced double high pull and a few double snatches. I haven't tried snatching double 16's in a couple years but they went right up after a couple high pulls. (Thanks Dave for that training tip).
Finished out with walking alternating MP and two handed swing 16kg. :25/:25 , 2 sets each.
Felt good, breathing hard but never really winded.
Started my morning with Intu-flow beginner level. Also just got my free FlowFit DVD. Check out to get yours.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Dreadfully Strong today

I was reading about isometrics done by Bruce Lee on Kenneth Jay's blog and decided to try them. So I started my session today with those. 8 sec. each with 1 min rest. Felt a little tired during the rest of the training so I don't know if the isometrics are the culprit or not. But just in case I'll stop them for now.
Today went for 12 mins per series
A1: KB high pull 24kg - 5/5 , 5/5 , 5/5 , 5/5 - 20 total each side, this is the same as my 10 min time so something was off.
A2: Bulgarian Split Squat 55# (this is a 10# increase) - 4/4 , 4/4 , 4/4 , 4/4 - 16 reps per leg. Maybe it was the extra weight that slowed me down?
5 min rest
B1: Pullups bw+10# - 4, 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 2 - 23 total , 3 reps extra with an extra 2 mins so no real progress
B2: Double MP 30# db - 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 - 24 reps , this pace isn't too bad, felt strong through the end
Had an IronTamer smoothie (this is a David Whitley recipe, protein powder mixed with Lemon/Lime Gatorade, tastes a bit like a dreamcicle, if they were lemon/lime instead of orange), iced the legs and took some enzymes. Then a power nap using my theta brainwaves CD - , really neat technology. My hamstrings seem to recover slowly and get sore so I'm hoping these additional measures will help.

Friday, September 7, 2007

DS day 2

10 mins
A1: Deadlift (double overhand, touch and go) 135# - 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 2 - 30 total
A2: Ring Pushup - 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 2 - 30 total
5 min Rest
10 mins
B1: KB Snatch 24 kg - 3/3 , 3/3 , 3/3 , 3/3 , 3/3 , 2/2 - 17/17 total , these felt pretty good, went up relatively easy. But I think I forgot to stop and take a breath at the top.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dreadfully Strong and sunburn

Abbreviated version of DS today.
First 10 min, alternating A1 and A2 , each with the right and then with the left
A1: KB High Pull 24kg - 5/5 , 5/5 , 5/5 , 5/5 - 20 total each side , this is actually 1 more rep per side than last time going 15 mins.
A2: Bulgarian Split Squat, empty Olympic bar - 4/4 , 4/4 , 4/4 , 4/4 - 16 total each, only 3 reps less per side
5 min rest
Second series 10 min. Actually this and the first set ran about 10:30 because a wanted to finish both sets of exercises
B1: Pullups bw + 10# - 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 - 20 reps , 8 less but a better pace and 10#'s heavier
B2: Double MP 30# db - 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 - 20 reps, 7 less but again better pace

Felt pretty good after this session. I plan on doing 10 min sets tomorrow too and the first half of next week, then go to 12 min for a couple sets of each series and then up to the recommended 15 min.

Today's nutrition topic, Sunburn
It is theorized that sunburn is actually an overdose of Vitamin D. This can be reduced by consuming an ionizable form of calcium such as calcium lactate and some Vit F or the essential fatty acids. These help the body utilize the vit D. Vit D shuttles calcium from the digestive tract into the cells and then the omega-3's carry the calcium into the cells. This doesn't mean you won't burn if you are out all day but it does extend your tolerance. If you plan on being in the sun take some extra calcium and fish oil, or krill oil which I prefer. Because the krill feeds on plankton and is harvested in Antarctica it has less toxins than fish, and because of the red color it is full of antioxidants which preserve the unstable omega 3 fatty acids. Plus it has some phospholipid components also.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Walking in the footsteps of Giants

To catch up from my last post. I was very sore after my training last week. This was a new program in an EDT style. It was written by David Whitley, , and was named the Dreadfully Strong program. As David likes to name his work. So after a couple days of active recovery and a KB demo and rock climbing on Friday, I was able to move without cringing. Yesterday I did 10 mins of alternating sets of KB high pulls with 24kg and single arm jerks with 24kg. high pulls 15/15 total reps and jerks 13/13. tomorrow will start Dreadfully Strong again but will be reducing the volume a bit. That means I'm taking longer breaks.

This will be the first of some posting on nutrition. Most of the pioneering work done in nutrition has been done by dentists. This is because one of the first places malnutrition shows up is in the teeth and facial bones. The other is in the feet. So as far back as the '30's , Royal Lee, DDS (founder of Standard Process supplement company) and Weston A Price ( were seeing an increase in cavities and dental malformations. This was over 75 years ago and how much refined food were people consuming then compared to now? These finding led these men to explore what was changing in our lives and it led them to the quality of our food.
Weston Price wrote Nutrition and Physical Degeneration which is his study of a variety of peoples around the world and examines their native diet. It should be required reading of anyone in the medical profession. He found less than 1% incidence of tooth decay in remote populations eating their native diets. The pictures in this book speak volumes on the importance of nutrition.
Royal Lee understood the importance of whole food nutrition and built his supplement company around that philosophy. Another brilliant researcher from that time is Francis Pottenger MD. He did a lot of studies with cats and saw disease processes progressing within one generation of poor diet. Melvin Page is yet another great as is William Donald Kelley, both dentists. All these men recognized and help found the science of Metabolic Typing which states that one size does not fit all with diets.
Tune in next time for the reason why whole food supplements are vital for feeding cells and creating a new body from the inside out.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New blog

This is primarily a training journal. I have previously been posting on . But since a lot of the RKC guys are posting on this site I thought I would too. Plus it makes it easier to leave comments on their page if I joined. So here we are.

I've also decided to start passing on some of the knowledge I've gathered in the field of nutrition in this blog.

Standard Disclaimer. This is for educational purposes. Not intended to be used as medical advice. Use due diligence in applying anything you read here. Blah, blah, blah, legal speak, legal speak, 10 dollar word, etc. In summary. Don't be a dumb ass.