Friday, January 16, 2009

update for the week

Monday: 24kg swings , 5 per min x 15 min
bent press 46.5# x singles x 5/5

Wed: get-ups 46.5 # one per minute x 12 min; 6/6
pullups bw x 3/min x 5 min

Friday: 16kg swings, 10/min x 15 min
bent press 46.5# x 1/1 per 2 min x 7

horseshoe - #2 UL

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Starting the year off right

Yesterday I had my first workout of the new year.

Get-ups: 46.5# x 6/6 ; one rep at the top of each minute for 12 minutes. Over the next few sessions I'll add 2 minutes each time. This was a pretty good pace and I felt strong. I held the lockout at the top for a few seconds on most of the reps.

Bent 3-4 3/16" square piece, reverse style. Arms got really sore, cramping into brachialis and clavicle. Got an adjustment today and feeling better.

No pullups due to arm pain.

Made my own laundry soap today. Washing soda, borax, and ivory soap. It's an interesting project, cheap, and less toxic to me and the environment.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Finished out the year with my last workout of 2008.

Swings - 16kg , 10 reps per :50 for 10 mins. - 120 reps total.

Bent Press - 46.5# globe BB, 1/1 ; 2/2

Bent a horseshoe at the NYE party. #2 UL , hearted. The audience makes a big difference. This thing felt like butter all the way out past 180. Heart was the easiest I've done so far also.