Sunday, April 19, 2009

These pipes are clean

One of my favorite lines from a cheesy movie, Cabin boy.

Just finished up the Standard Process purification program yesterday. 3 wks with no processed food. No grains, with the exception of some sprouted quinoa which is actually more of a seed and some soaked lentils. Had one sweet potato, had chicken once and the rest was fish and pasture fed beef. And most importantly no sugar. The rest was veggies and fruit added to my smoothies. All my meals were hand prepared, nothing prepackaged. I'll continue with most of the eating guidelines 80-90% of the time. Today I did have a little dessert. I really enjoyed the smoothies made with fruit, SP Complete and non-denatured whey protein. These will be my staple at breakfast even after the cleanse.

I only lost a couple pounds but my waist shrunk a bit. Which is the only place I needed to lose anything. I have more energy and am more motivated. Other than that I didn't notice any big changes, no healing reactions or anything. Oh, I did notice my feet burning and itching some during the last week. I didn't get to use the infrared sauna as much as I wanted.

Strength training is going well. Got a couple days behind on that program. Making great progress there. Just finished my 8th session. The 3rd "light" day. Despite doing a couple extra sets compared to day 1 I was actually less tired. I'm amazed at how quickly my body is adapting and my conditioning is improving.
I plan on retesting my BioMeridian scan later this week and a hair mineral analysis retest in a few weeks to see what kind of biochemical changes took place, if any.
The next course of action will be determined by test results. I am about to start some iodine loading therapy and will be supplementing with Tribulus in an attempt to boost testosterone levels. I will retest adrenal hormones and testosterone and estrogen via saliva in about a month.

Well that's it

Friday, April 3, 2009

Hammer time and more on iodine

Today I recycled some horseshoes and untwisted and hammered them back to almost new condition. If I can get 2 bends out of them that will bring my costs down. Only did "S" ones, hearts would just be too much work. My forearms are a bit tired from the event, so not only do I get another chance at the shoe but I got a little workout in the process.

I had a comment about iodine deficiency and our salt use, so I'll expound. Most people are salt phobic (which is pretty silly but that's another discussion, salt is very beneficial to health) and eventhough they are getting sodium in processed foods, I doubt it is iodized salt.
Secondly, if you remember back to your high school chemistry class and the periodic table we see iodine is a halide, which puts it in the category with fluorine, bromine and chlorine. They all compete for receptor sites in the body. Fluorine is in the water and toothpaste, chlorine is in the water and even if you filter it you still get it vaporized from the shower and bromine is used in baked goods. So not only are we not getting iodine but we are being inundated with things that displace it.
The RDA for iodine is only enough to prevent goiter and is set at 150 micrograms. Dr. Lugol and now Dr. Abraham are demonstrating that an optimal daily intake is 12.5 mg, this dosage is regularly consumed by the Japanese. 12.5 mg is nearly 100 times the RDA. Dr. Abraham is using a loading dose of 50 mg for 90 days just to get people back to optimal saturation (yep, that's alot of iodine, you can't eat enough salt or kelp to get those levels), then using a Lugol's dose of 12.5 mg.
I do recommend caution using these higher doses, especially too rapidly.