Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Routine and mineral retention

I'm onto a new program for a while. After successfully bending a horseshoe I'm revisiting some older exercises and some new ones just to shift the emphasis of my training.
DL : 135# x 5 ; 185# x 5 x 2
Goblet squat: 16kg x 5 x 3
Club swinging: double club clean and cast ( think it might be a shoulder cast, can't remember the terminology):20 sec on / :30 sec off x 5
Skipped bent pressing as I experienced some tightness in the low back, plan on getting adjusted today. But my goal is 1/2 BW bent press by years end and 120# + within a year.

Hair mineral analysis update, got a test back yesterday. Good changes happening. Sodium and Potassium are at the highest levels yet, they have been up independently before but first time for both at once. In adrenal fatigue, because of it's influence on aldosterone the body tends to excrete Na and K through the urine. So the test indicates I'm finally starting to retain these minerals which also indicates improved functioning of adrenal hormone function. Thyroid ratio improving also and excreting a variety of toxic metals such as mercury, aluminum, and lead. I do need to get more faithful with my sauna sessions.

Stay strong

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sitting in Dallas

A picture of me with my newest toy in club mode. This is the Strongman combo from Ryan Pitts at strongergrip.com. An amazing tool. More pics to come of the various arrangements.
Currently at a seminar in Dallas. After performing a presentation on shoulder health I wrapped things up by bending a SCF UL #2 shoe. This is my first shoe with no padding. Had no trouble getting it out to 180. Thigh is a little sore but nothing a couple Guinness can't fix.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh Yeah!!

My order of #2 ultralites were sitting on the doorstep when I got home yesterday evening. Today got over to the gym to give 'em a go. They straightened out pretty easy and even completed most of a heart. Gotta get my inner thighs toughened up. I should be able to finish the heart when I'm fresh. This is encouraging, I was starting to think the training was taking forever to pay off. Thanks to all those who stand behind me and my training.
Warmed up with a few R-phase moves, leg lowering, toe touch, thoracic rotation and swings. Finished up with some leverage block plate curls. Adam swears by this lift. Get your block from Ryan Pitts at Stronger Grip. Tune in later for my newest "toy" from the creative genius Ryan.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

keepin' on truckin'

The bane of my existence, a SCF #00 continues. It feels so close to going each time I crank on it but nothing so far. I'm beginning to doubt if I'll be able to demo a bend at my presentation next week. Only 2 more training days left. I may attempt it anyway and just go to 90 degrees, it's not like they'll know what an "official" bend is and that's still quite a challenge.

Did some R phase then practiced my bent pressing. This is an exercise that is almost easier when you get a little more weight on it, keeps you honest.

plate curls, added a little weight today, I'm seeing some nice strength gains on this.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Much needed recovery

Was feeling pretty spent by Friday evening, but enjoyed a weekend of rest and will be ready to take it all on tomorrow.

Thursday GTG with plate curls with leverage block. Didn't realize how much I worked until it came time to train on Friday. Friday 6-8 Iso's on horseshoe at 100 degrees. Then 1 handed farmer's walk with 24kg, each side x 2 , 30-40 yds. Overhead walk, 1 hand, 24kg x 30 yds, 16kg x 30 yds.
That really toasted my shoulders.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

T-minus 15 and counting

Two weeks from tomorrow I'll be attending a seminar in Dallas and plan on bending a horseshoe at the end of a presentation I'm doing. Thus far I've only bent one shoe and that wasn't in a single setting. Working on a second one at this point and have gotten another little squeak of movement out of it. Out to 100 degrees now, once I hit 105 it will be all downhill. I'm training this feat 3 days per week along with some overhead work and bent pressing on Wednesday. On my off days I'm working plate curls with my leverage block (available at here
Also Adam "Unbreakable" Glass has been kind enough to give me some tips to improve my technique. I will continue to train as hard as I think my body will let me, rest hard and keep up with my program of healing via nutrition and sauna therapy. I have no doubt come Thursday 23rd I'll be making that shoe my bitch, if I might steal a line from Talladega Nights.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Core Training

This term is a joke in most realms and is indeed a 4-letter word in the real strength community. In fact as I write this I saw an ad for the electro ab stimulator on facebook. Let's see one of those guys bend some metal or put some real weight overhead or anything functional for that matter.
Todays core training consisted of 5-6 good cranks on a 90 degree horseshoe. The 2nd to last effort results in about a 5 degree move. I was beginning to think the other day was a fluke. That the metal had weakened after 6-8 months of effort. But I think I'm on the fast track now for a complete bend in a single setting.
These attempts were spaced over a couple hours.
Prep work: ASLR and thoracic rotation

Bent press:
warm up - 16kg KB x3/3
Empty BB (45#) singles x 2/2
24kg KB singles x 2/2

I am definitely feeling my midsection has received a thorough work out today.