Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Today I played around with some drills. I am still able to complete a single pistol on each leg with a 20# kb.
Farmer's walk on toes with 24kg x 2, 60ft x 2
Floor Press with 2 - 24kg, 2 reps
Double KB clean, FS, PP x 1, double clean,FS, x1 , rest 2-4 min, x 6-7 sets , 24kg kb's

Update from weekend. I went to Nashvegas on wed to attend a chiropractic/dental symposium. I learned some new good stuff including some intra-oral cranial adjustments.
I also spent some time with the IronTamer himself. As I have mentioned before I can expect a new PR when I'm around David. I couldn't imagine what it might be this time as I haven't been training much the past couple months. But it never fails and he managed to shame me into the SSST. I have never tried this so just going 10 mins was an accomplishment. I ended up with 62 reps. I'm pleased with these numbers. It was not as scary as I had envisioned it but I don't know if I've ever worked that hard. My ribs and back were sore the next day from the heavy breathing. I didn't notice any hamstring/adductor soreness after this, not even the next couple days. I attribute this to the toe-touch exercises from Brett Jones. Apparently I have retrained the muscles to lengthen and relax.

Friday, October 12, 2007


No it's nothing vulgar or a reference to a Brad Pitt movie. I got a couple bells from IronWoody including a 25 lber. Decided to see how many snatches I could do in 5 mins. This will be a starting point as I am fairly unconditioned at this point.
97 reps
Switched hands every 10 reps.
I completed the 5 mins without setting the bell down which surprised me. But my pace was only 8- 10 reps per 30 sec with a little bell. It gives me a whole new appreciation for some of the numbers and paces that the others are putting up and posting. It also makes me realize that to pass the Rite of Passage I have to maintain that pace but do it for twice as long with twice the weight, but I'm happy with todays results. I guess I have a goal now. I will start by adding time, and reps per min, then increase the weight. Will probably do some additional swings and high pulls with heavier weight to help.
The office is nearing completion so I should have a little more time to get on a regular schedule and have a place to train soon enough.
BTW the woody bells perform nicely. Decent handle though a bit thin, very nice finish, easy on the hands but easy to hold onto. I also think I like the idea of all the bells having the same diameter as you can get into a groove with where it lands on the forearm. Though that was the last thing on my mind after a couple minutes into it.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Crazy Upper Body Strength - revised

I should probably clarify that the heading about upper body strength is attached to the video. It is a great demonstration of total body tension and control and much more than just upper body. But still impressive strength. Because after all, I think it is in PTTP, tension is strength.