Sunday, November 29, 2009

week 1 in the hole

Wed - swings, 20kg 7/7 on the minute for 6 mins
Thurs - 1/2 get up stacked bells (25+18) 43# , 2/2
stacked press 43# x 5 sets x 2 reps
Sat - 1/2 get up 24kg 2/2
Stacked press 43# x 3 singles
LPP ( long push press) with walkout 20kg x ladder (1,2 x 5)
swings 16kg

This week went pretty well. It was a little bit tough and I could definitely feel it when I finished but recovered and was ready the next day.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Up to speed

Finished 2 weeks of PTTP with deadlifts and side press. Warmed up with sumo DL with kbs. I've never really tried sumo but after some practice I think I like it. Work sets were 2 sets of 5 conventional DL. Side press took some getting used to but started grooving much easier after a couple days. I did 2 days of PTTP followed by one day of VO2 max snatches. Use 25# and 6 reps per :15 x 20 sets. 24 sets by end of 2 wks. That was a good weight for me and reps. I don't know how these guys get 8 reps in :15. Anyway, was a good change of pace and now I'm doing a program by Adam Glass, Operation Radiant Dawn. The goal is which is to progress to pressing the next heavier kb. My goals for the end of 4 wks is to press the 32kg bell and do a bottoms up press with 24kg bell.
Day 1: half get ups x 24kg x 2/2
BUP x 16kg x 4 singles
LPP with walkout x 20kg x (1,2 x 3) ladders
swings x 24kg x 10 reps at top of min for 5 mins

Day 2: half get ups x 24kg x 3/3
BUP x 16kg x 5 singles
stacked press x 43# ( 25+18) x 3 singles

These are definitely tougher than it looks on paper.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


So I've been very slack in my posting. I've finished a couple rounds of 3 wks diets and now onto a 3rd. Eating with that much structure felt like a job, seemed all my time was spent prepping food, cleaning up and eating. I'm going to continue a little while longer but that style of eating seems too obsessive compulsive to be mentally healthy. I took about a week between diets just to relax a bit. It is all a learning experience as I form ideas about how I want to do things. My newest interest is intermittent fasting or IF. Just read Eat,Stop,Eat. Decent info but a bit disappointed with the cost per amount of info. Seems it's only geared toward weight loss and though it is referenced it repeats the same 4-5 benefits for 90 pages. The same information could have been presented in a 3 page bulletin and people could have followed it. I would like to have seen more info on applying to other areas than the weight loss crowd. Would also liked to have seen info on it's effect on the endocrine system. He does mention the effects on insulin but at the same time dismisses the effect food has on insulin. And as one of the benefits of fasting lists increased epinephrine and norepinephrine production. To me, that's not a good thing. Too many people are walking around in sympathetic dominance the way it is, fight or flight, never relaxing. Granted this is only 1-2 days per week but seems this added stressor to the adrenal system in todays population would be counterproductive. But hey, that's just me. But in any case I've started experimenting with IF, just came off my first 24hr fast. Felt alright, energy seemed to be ok, but I didn't have a super busy day nor did I do any training. I've decided to do this every 5th or 6th day as I don't want to eliminate too many calories from my diet as I am trying to gain muscle. I do think it has the potential to assist with blood sugar/insulin regulation and fat burning. Plus I've always been more of a "eat to live" guy than the inverse so it does appeal to me from the standpoint of avoiding a day of food prep and eating.
Training is going well. Still doing ROP, as I approached 5 x (1,2,3,4,5) I got pretty burned out so backed off to 3x and 4x again, then some missed training, blah, blah, blah, excuses. Anyway, back on and hitting 4x (1,2,3,4,5) today and feeling as strong or stronger this week, maybe time off did me some good. But needing a change of pace so will start a couple weeks of PTTP next week with DL and Side Press and maybe some snatch conditioning thrown in the mix. I also started doing some renegade rows on variety days and realized I had forgotten what an amazing exercise that was, a bit humbling even. I've been working on improving my shoulder overhead mobility with some drills from RTK with good success. I've always had a lot of lat tightness and apparently limited T/S extension but things are starting to open up.
On a final note, ordering vibram FF this week, the KSO's and will be posting my experience with them. Went and bought the injinji socks yesterday and getting my little piggies used to being separated. Interesting feeling.