Friday, February 27, 2009

today's training

I successfully hearted a #2 SCF ultralite today. This is only my 3rd successful heart. I always do better in front of an audience and you have to keep things moving because once the metal cools a bit it's too hard for me to get it moving again. I also tweaked my technique a bit to help get the shoe past 180, once I can do that the heart is doable.

MP with globe DB: 44# - 1/1 per minute x 20 mins = 20 reps per side.

I like this style of training, keeping the reps low but going for longer periods of time. I'll either add density or weight or both as time goes on.

And a few ISO's on the rubber deck.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Roll it up

I rolled up a skillet tonight. I got the initial kink about a week and half ago but couldn't make any further progress. Tonight I picked it up after doing some FMS corrective work and succeeded in rolling it up. It could be a little tighter but not too bad for my first one. At 6 bucks a pop I can't practice too much.

I've progressed to a few reps per side on level 3 rotary stability check. Also practiced some of the rolling drills per the FMS program. I found going to the right is a little more challenging.
That's it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fresh air and Kettlebells

Had some beautiful weather today before the big storm hit tonight. Weather in the 60's, felt like spring. Eventhough the sun had set by the time I finished work I stepped outside the back door of the gym to do my snatches under the motion light.

warm-up: leg lowering, toe touch, t/s rot with arm sweep

Snatches: 16kg x 2/2 at the top of minute x 20 mins. 80 reps. Working more on endurance here instead of volume.

Wrist curls, 1-1/2" lever block x 4/4 x 3 - 7.5# @ 1/2 post
Plate curls, 1-1/2" lever block x 3/3; 4/4 - 7.5# @ 3/4 post
2" lever block x 4/4 x 2 - 7.5# @ 3/4 post

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Don't do these...

unless you want a solid midsection. The suitcase DL has to be one of the best exercises for building a bullet-proof "core". "Core Training" is quite the buzzword these days and there are numerous gimmicks and devices out there to help you get 6-pack abs, ab loungers, some kind of crunch ball, chairs, etc. The flaw is they attempt to train muscles that are spinal stabilizers through movement, i.e. trunk flexion. Though these muscles can do that, their main purpose is to resist movement, hence the name, spinal stabilizers. The suitcase DL does just that. Stand to the side of a heavy weight (this is a relative term), using proper DL technique, bend over grasp the weight in one hand and stand up while keeping your movement symmetrical and a balanced spine. So if the weight is in your right hand, then ALL the muscles on your left side have to work extra hard to keep you vertical. Did I mention that if you use any real weight you'll also develop a serious grip. A few reps/sets of these and I feel like I'm wearing an iron corset.

ALR, T-spine rotation

card tearing - 10 cards and 16 cards. I really struggle with this feat, not sure where the weak link is but I'll keep working on it.

shoe bend Iso's - 90 degrees and starting bend

DL - 135# x 5
Suitcase DL - 135# x 2/2 x 2

MP - globe DB @ 40# x 2/2 x 5

Friday, February 6, 2009

New Goals and new routine

So my current goals are more strongman related. By the end of March I will consistently tear at least 1/2 deck of cards , consistently heart a #2 SCF ultralite, as well as open a #2 SCF polo

Going to be working on my pressing and DL as recovery allows and a little conditioning with snatches.

Currently the plan is as follows: Monday and Friday will be card tearing and shoe bending practice or Iso's , DL and MP as I feel up to it. Wednesday is snatching and wrist curls and plate curls with the leverage block. Tues and Thurs will be DL and MP or some assistance variation such as 1 leg DL.

Today, Iso's on the rubber deck, 1 #2 UL which I only got out to 90 degrees, not sure if it was an off day or I found a tough one because Tuesday I practically hearted one.

MP with the globe dumbbell loaded to about 40# 2/2 x 6
DL - 135# x 5 x 2