Sunday, August 24, 2008

3rd Annual KB workshop a huge success

Yesterday was the 3rd workshop presented by David Whitley Sr RKC in Weston,WV. We have been at Jackson's Mill the past 2 years and the location is perfect. We had a nice spot along the West Fork river and even managed to stay in the shade most of the day. This event attracts more people each year and I expect an even better turn out next year. David's skills as an instructor continue to improve. I would guess part of this is due to the great research and information coming out of the RKC certs but also just part of his personality as an amazing instructor. We had a wide range of experience there, from folks who have been to his class before to self taught to the KB virgins who had the pleasure of wrapping their fingers around the iron handle for the very first time. No matter the level of experience, everyone came out more proficient at kettlebell lifting than when they went in. All participants showed up strong and gave a great effort and a lot of hard work. This reflects both on their willingness to learn and David's ability to teach. Speaking of which, he gets better every year and he has a great knack for shortening the learning curve and getting bodies to perform they way they were designed. Good on you Iron Tamer! Pics coming soon.
After a grueling day of lifting bells a few folks stuck around for a cookout. We had some delicious food, WV raised pasture fed beef, guacamole, baked beans, salad, and of course Guinness. A special shout out to the Patterson's for allowing us to use the facilities and for their generous hospitality hosting the cookout. Also to their girls who brought us snacks and beverages. Many thanks to all who came out and to David for teaching. Also to Brian for the use of his bells.
If you want to transform your body, learn how to move, become pain-free, build muscle, increase your conditioning and/or lose weight, all while learning to do so from one of the best in the business, then stay tuned for WV KB '09 because I plan on bringing David back again next year. As long as there is beef, beer and chocolate I think I can get him back, :-)

During lunch we broke out some steel and played with bending. I am back in the saddle bending 1/4" x 7" for the first time in forever, reverse style at that. David opened up a SCF #00 UL from 90 to 120 degrees for me which I was then able to get out to about 180. I'll be turning to Adam Glass for tips to make it past that sticking range. Several guys bent 3/16" x 6 square on their first attempt, nice work guys.

After over 6 years with kettlebells I'm still amazed at their ability to work so well and even more amazed at how many people have no interest in using them to improve their life and strength goals. But I guess that's what happens when you are on the cutting edge, you have to wait for everyone else to catch up.

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